Everybody would have heard about on demand video downloads isn’t it. Well if you don’t know what is the word “On Demand” means here id the wikipedia explanation for the same:

Video on Demand (VOD) or Audio and Video On Demand (AVOD) are systems which allow users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content on demand.

Here is the link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_on_demand

One classic example I can quote here is http://channel9.msdn.com. One of my favorite hangout sites for technical knowledge on Microsoft technologies. They have bunch of show and session which can be both viewed online and downloaded to your desktop and watch it later. So the concept of watching on line at your time is in layman terms attributed as on demand viewing.

Now there is a company which took this concept of on demand streaming and adapted that to the world of learning. Yes, learn at your own pace and at your own desktop on demand. Puzzled, here is how it works. You sign up and they have a course library. Each course is divided into sub topics. Each topic has lesson. You have the ability to either play the whole topic or just play a lesson. That’s it. What’s best since this is hosted model i.e. internet site, your course is available anywhere you have the internet. Neat I say.

Now you might be wondering which company I am talking – well its none other than PluralSight. PluralSight is a on demand learning solution provider for individuals and corporates. Here is the PluralSight story from the site:


A few developers got together to solve a problem. It was one of those problems where you just can’t find any answers on the web. They solved their problem, but the solution was more about the questions than the answers.

The solution became a training company. A company created by developers, specifically for developers.

A company that offers solutions to problems, keeps up with groundbreaking trends, and inspires developers to achieve excellence. A company that speaks the language of developers and offers better insight into this fast-paced industry.

The solution is Pluralsight.










I am fortunate to have met and interacted with the co founder of PluralSight Aaron Skonnard. I even did an interview of him in my Uncut & Unedited show. I also have met their Indian team Phani and Vineet, who are handling business and training thins in Hyderabad and Bangalore. A very kind, humble and passionate family is what I feel about PluralSight. They have been great sponsors for our UG group www.BDotNet.in. It had been a wish list for me to own a PluralSight subscription and lately thanks to giveaway from www.DotNetCurry.com I now am a proud subscriber to PluralSight Annual program. Have been listening to some of the courses and they are simply awesome and mind blowing. Great speakers and authors for the course library.

PluralSight is not just about on demand learning, they do have a lot of freebies for the community. One of my fav is their weekly webcasts for the community. Every Thursday night (IST) they bring in some of the distinguished speakers who speak on latest and greatest technology topics. Here is the link: http://www.pluralsight-training.net/microsoft/webcasts/index. This is open for public. The shows are recorded but the recording is available only for Annual Plus members. Nevertheless, listening to some great speakers makes me excited and because of PluralSight weekly webcast I get to educate myself time to time.

PluralSight also has a podcast known as PluralCast which is again a weekly show. Unlike webcast this is a podcast meaning only audio. Here is the link to the  podcast site: http://www.pluralsight-training.net/microsoft/pluralcast/default.aspx. This also features some top notch speakers from the industry.


On this day I have decided to attribute myself PluralSight. I will be putting the PluralSight advertisement on my blog. No I have not been paid by anybody to do this nor did PluralSight approached me for this. This is my bit to support PluralSight. I like them and want to publicize the work these guys are doing. I admire greatly what these guys are doing for the community as well. So you will start seeing the following advertisement on my blog.



If you are interested to know more about PluralSight head over to : www.pluralsight.com. They do have a 30 day free trial which gives you access to their full course library. Also from my perspective the subscription plans are affordable in Indian rates.

I am doing PluralRead now, Will you ?

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Lohith,
    Thank you so much for your support! What you say about our company is true – we are passionate, maybe sometimes less humble than we should be 😉 but we are always kind – we offer free subscriptions to people who are out of work, for example, and we support user groups around the world as well as code camps and other events. It’s really great to see someone recognize us for who we are. We have finally found a model by which we can share some really great knowledge and wisdom with other developers at a price point low enough so anyone can afford to learn from our team of experts.

    We offer special India pricing so that if we detect your IP address is from from India, we offer a “regional restricted” rate that is half as much as the normal worldwide rate. Keep in mind that if you opt in to a regional restricted plan, you will only be able to *use* your subscription from IP addresses in India, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone unless they are a world traveler!

    Also just to clarify, recorded webcasts are available to all of our Plus subscribers, both Monthly and Annual – yay!

    Good luck to you in your journey of knowledge, and congratulations for seeking it!

    Keith Brown
    CTO Pluralsight

    • Keith,

      Its my pleasure to have known pluralsight and Aaron Skonnard. Everytime i have met him here in Bangalore he has been so kind and humble in talking to folks like us. You guys are doin a good job and keep up the good work. Anything for you guys :)

  • My first experience of pluralsight was the free MVC video they had offered on the msdn site. It was an incredible tutorial ! Was also surprised to see that they cover non MS technologies as well. Even though the price is higher for students like us, its definitely recommended for beginners. 

    • Agree that PluralSight videos are awesome. Coming to pricing point – not to sideline students – but is more catered for the developer category and for a earning guy 650 per month – seems to be a reasonable pricing. Thats my take on pluralsight :)

  • Navneet Hegde

    Yea it’s very precise to the subject and build’s your skills in very easy manner.I had my first stint with Free Month Subs..with  MSDN,I am thinking of One Month Subscription But I ca’t be online during weekend’s and in Office it won’t be professional act as you are charging your time to client.Anyway’s between I liked the EF4 video tutorialsd posted free on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/cc300162 must watch a kind of Snacks ytou can have anytime.

    Pluralsight Rocks!!!

    • Navneet

      Thanks for the comments. Glad to know you like PluralSight. Spread the word if you can :)

  • I
    have using Pluralsight to learn WP7 apps development for last 4 weeks.
    Its awesome! I like to add info about the offer given by Pluralsight. If
    you are student you can register for dreamspark program. Then you get
    90 days complete access to the great library. This how I got access to

    • Siva Kumar,

      Thanks for your comments. Glad you like PluralSight. Spread the word :)

  • User

    The India pricing is still on the higher side. With limited offline viewing capabilities (because Pluralsight is worried about piracy unlike companies like PeepCode, O’Reilly and others who rest on their quality), the subscription is not worth it. If your employer has a subscription, make use of it. At an individual level, this is too restrictive and too expensive.

    I’m sure you’ll disagree, but hey, everyone has the right to have their own thoughts.

  • User

    Also, Pluralsight is not responsive on social forums like Twitter. A buggy offline viewer and no response from common social platforms = SO 2005. :)