If you have been following by blog posts lately, you will remember that i had talked about a JavaScript library called “DataJS” from Microsoft.

DataJS can be downloaded from the codeplex site. Here is the URL: http://datajs.codeplex.com/

Until now the DataJS team was busy building the library that we did not have an official Samples from the them On Jun 16 DataJS team released another version specifically 0.0.4 (which is a Alpha at this moment). What’s great about this release is the Official Samples have been now included in the documentation.

I am very excited to share the news that my blog post Performing CRUD on  OData Service using DataJS – has been featured under the section “Simple CRUD Example”. And it seems that my blog post was the first ever CRUD sample for DataJS. Feels great to know that the work of mine has been noted and credited in the official documentation. Thankful to Marcelo Lopez Ruiz (@mlrdev) of DataJS team who has gone through my contribution to DataJS community.


Here is the link to the samples page on DataJS codeplex documentation: Simple CRUD Example

This gives me more motivation and dedication to write for the community. Thanks to DataJS team and thanks to all of you readers who keep coming back to read my blog posts.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Dinu_3gee

    Congratulations. This is certainly a significant achievement

  • Abhijit

    Very Nice ! Congrats !!