Before we go ahead any further let me talk a little bit about LIDNUG first.

LIDNUG: Open Data for Open Web by Lohith Nagaraj

LIDNUG stands for LinkedIN DotNet User Group. One of the biggest DotNet User Group on Linked In. This is a professional group on LinkedIn with over 43K member base. This was established in Nov, 2007. The official website of this group is LIDNUG has been organising some good global events which are mostly Live Meeting based. Many prominent speakers have presented in LIDNUG global events including Scott Guthrie. You can find all the archives of the previous events here You can also find information about the current events and past events here: Note that these events can be viewed right from your desk as these are LiveMeeting based events. You just need a laptop/desktop, Internet connection and the Live Meeting URL you get when registered and you are all set to go for the global event.

So, now that you know what LIDNUG is and what their global event is let me spill out the beans. It gives me immense pleasure to say that i have been given an opportunity to present for LIDNUG this time. Yes i am on the presenter list of LIDNUG this time. Couple of months ago there was a open call for speakers and i sent out my nomination too. Thanks to LIDNUG moderator Brian H Madsen, who was kind enough to give me a slot for presenting. I am thrilled and excited as this will be my first ever global presentation. What i will be presenting on – well what else can i present other than my favourite topic “Open Data Protocol or OData”. 

I will try to reproduce Pablo Castro’s (lead PM OData team at Microsoft) session from Mix 10. I chose this because that session tells us how Open Data came into existence with respect to the name and the protocol. So this is kind of level 100 series. We will not be building anything rather looking at things closely and talking through the perspective of Microsoft on why they are pushing for OData.

Here is the invite for the event:


So head over to the registration page and register yourself for free. Watch me present live on Jun 9 2011 at 10 AM PT or 10:30 PM IST. Looking forward to your presence.

Till next time, as usual Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.