I am back with 7th episode of Uncut & Unedited. This time my guest is Aaron Skonnard, Co-founder of Pluralsight. Aaron was here in Bangalore to attend Great Indian Developer Summit or GIDS during April 16 timeframe and i was lucky enough to get his 10 minutes for the show. Lets know something about Pluralsight and Aaron.

The Pluralsight story:

A few developers got together to solve a problem. It was one of those problems where you just can’t find any answers on the web. They solved their problem, but the solution was more about the questions than the answers.

The solution became a training company. A company created by developers, specifically for developers.

A company that offers solutions to problems, keeps up with groundbreaking trends, and inspires developers to achieve excellence. A company that speaks the language of developers and offers better insight into this fast-paced industry.

The solution is Pluralsight.

About Aaron Skonnard:

Aaron is co-founder of Pluralsight where he focuses on cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), XML and Web services technologies. He focuses primarily on the Microsoft platform and is considered an expert in the Microsoft community on Windows Azure, the Azure Services Platform, Windows Communication Foundation, BizTalk Server, SOAP/REST, and XML technologies. Aaron frequently consults with small companies to the largest enterprises on how to approach realistic service-oriented architectures using these technologies. You can read more about what he’s up to on his blog.

Here are the question i put forth to Aaron:

  • What does Aaron do as part of Pluralsight
  • How did the idea of on-demand training strike him?
  • How do we access Pluralsight
  • How is Industry accepting Pluralsight
  • How is Indian IT industry accepting Pluralsight

Here is the interview video:

Aaron Skonnard – Co-founder Pluralsight – Uncut & Unedited

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.