I am back with 6th episode of Uncut & Unedited. In this episode i interview Joel Semeniuk, Executive Vice President, Team Productivity division, Telerik.

This interview was shot at J N Tata Auditorium, Bangalore when i attended the Great Indian Developer Summit or GIDS as its popularly known as.

Here is a short bio of Joel Semeniuk:

Joel Semeniuk is a founder of Imaginet Resources Corp; a Canadian based Microsoft Gold Partner. Currently, Joel is also serving as an Executive VP at Telerik in charge of the Team Productivity Division. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Microsoft ALM and has a degree in Computer Science. With over 18 years of experience, Joel specializes in helping organizations around the world realize their potential through maturing their software development and information technology practices. Joel is passionate about Application Lifecycle Management tooling, techniques, and mindsets and regularly speaks at conferences around the world on a wide range of ALM topics. Joel is also the co-author of "Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System" published by Microsoft Press as well as dozens of other articles for popular trade magazines.

I must thank my friend Stephen Forte, Chief Strategy Officer, Telerik for making sure that I get to interview Joel. Both Stephen and Joel were busy with their schedule at GIDS with looking after their booth and also presenting at the conference. In spite of that, Joel managed to give me 10 minutes and we did this interview sitting on stairs of some stair case. I did had an interruption in between as somebody just walked right in to our interview. You will see a jump in the video at the last question. As usual my 5 questions to Joel were:

  • What does Joel do at Telerik ?
  • On the Application Life cycle Management front, there are many players, who is Telerik competing with?
  • How does Telerik stay one step ahead of their competitors?
  • Any Indian companies who are interested with Telerik ALM product Team Pulse?
  • How is Team Pulse going to help a geo located teams?
  • And lastly, what is Joel’s 9 to 5 day like ?


It was wonderful interviewing Joel. As the format of the show goes, i usually narrate the questions to the guest just before a minute we start shooting and i must tell that both Stephen and Joel very spontaneous and have the gift of the gab. They can just go on and on. It was fun interviewing these two guys. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Here is the video:
Joel Semeniuk, Executive Vice President, Team Productivity Tools, Telerik – Uncut & Unedited
From next interview onwards, i have decided not to close captioning. It takes a lot of my time to transcribe the video then edit the video to close caption it. I have decide to make sure that i try to record the interviews in a quite background and close caption only when the audio is really bad. This way i will be able to interview more people and upload quickly. Hoping that i will be able to have a quick turnaround of the interview without doing a close captioning.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with Patience.