As a user of Microsoft .NET platform have you ever had the following questions coming to your mind:

  • If only i could contact Microsoft for resolving an issue
  • If only i could reach a subject matter expert within Microsoft
  • If only i knew whom to contact in Microsoft for a specific issue resolution
  • If only i knew how to contact Microsoft in India
  • etc etc

Well, its very obvious that while working on a platform we are bound to run into such questions. And its not easy to get answers for these as we don’t know our first point of contact. Before i tell you how you can contact Microsoft in India, there are 2 important sites i need to mention at this point. Here they are:

  • MSDN:

    MSDN stands for Microsoft Developer Network. Here is the Wikipedia definition for What is MSDN:

    The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is the portion of Microsoft responsible for managing the firm’s relationship with developers and testers: hardware developers interested in the operating system (OS), developers standing on the various OS platforms, developers using the API and scripting languages of Microsoft’s applications. The relationship management is situated in assorted media: web sites, newsletters, developer conferences, trade media, blogs and DVD distribution. The life cycle of the relationships ranges from legacy support through evangelizing potential offerings.

    MSDN as the name goes by is mainly for the developer community. It has loads of content catered towards developers. So don’t miss to visit the site The site will redirect you automatically to MSDN India.


  • Technet

    Apart from developers another face of the coin in the IT industry are the ITPro or IT Professionals. These are our System Administrators, Network Administrators and deployment strategist. If a developer has MSDN as resource for all developmental activities, for ITPro’s its the Technet. Here is the official description from Microsoft of what Technet is:

    TechNet comprises free support and troubleshooting resources for IT professionals, paid subscription services, community resources, technical libraries, downloads, training resources, a magazine, and much more.

    URL for Technet is


So far i have given you a glimpse of resources available to you as a developer or as a IT Pro. But wait a minute, didn’t the title of this blog post say “Reaching Microsoft in India”. Yes you sure did read that right. Now lets see how you can reach Microsoft in India.

Social media, from my perspective, has been one of the biggest revolution in the world of world wide web. Social website like Facebook and micro blogging sites like Twitter make it possible to reach any body anywhere in the world with just a short comment of 400 character length or a tweet of 140 characters. Even Microsoft has to acknowledge this fact and had found out that the quickest way to reach the developer and IT Pro community is to embrace these social web sites.

So MSDN and Technet are both on the famous social website Facebook and on the micro blog site Twitter. Lets see the details one by one:

  • MSDN India:

    MSDN India has its facebook page located at the following URL:


    Observe carefully on the left hand side of the page. Read the tag line carefully on the left hand side. It says:

    ”Stuck with a technical challenge? Post your query on our wall. Our SME (Subject Matter Experts) would be glad to answer your queries.

    Read that again. Now Microsoft is just a post away. If you are on facebook then dont forget to visit MSDN India page and like them. One like and many post will get you a lot of answer. What are you waiting for Like it.

    If you a tweeter and you have a twitter handle, then you can contact MSDN India through their twitter handle @msdnindia. And the URL to find MSDN India on twitter is


  • Technet India

    Technet India has its facebook page located at the following URL:


    Again, as we saw in MSDN India section, here too you can post your technical question on the wall and you will be able to get answers from SME. As i said earlier now Microsoft is just a post away.

    Technet India can be found at the following URL on twitter: And the handle is @technetindia.


Well through this blog post i wanted to generate awareness of different channels through which developers and IT Pros can get connected with Microsoft, I hope this post was useful for you and you will start exploring these channels. Personally after these channels came up, i have been able to interact with MSDN India and Technet India through their Facebook pages and twitter handles. And so far these channels have been the quickest way of getting a response from them. Looking forward to hear your stories on your experience with these different channels.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience

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