Every blogger would like his readers to spend more time on their site and also would like to make them come back for more. Of course its the quality of the content that he writes and the frequency of writing that makes a reader to come back to your site. But no body can guarantee what makes a reader spend more time on your site.

I was going through on of the premiere news sites of India couple of days back and noticed a add on the site. Whenever i selected any text i was presented with a small window which did a web search for the selected text and presented me with various option like text results, video results, image results and etc. Found out that was a sleek looking application from a company known as Apture.

Impressed with its service which is free of course, i decided to use it on my site and now Apture is turned on in my site too. So let me give you a run down on Apture.

What is Apture?


The tag line seems to be:

Turn every highlight into an adventure


Keep readers glued to the page

According to official pages, Apture is:

Apture gives readers the power to search and explore rich content and media from web without even leaving the page.

How does Apture achieve what it says ?

Apture’s Contextual Search keeps users engaged with your content by giving them the tools to search and share without even leaving your page. Give your readers the power to search the web for rich content from Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Flickr, YouTube and others all through your site.

What are the features of Apture ?

Quoted from their site, here are the features:

  • Search Made Easy

    Readers can search rich content without leaving your page by highlighting and getting a search tip like this Search Tip. Apture encourages exploration through the easiest contextual search possible. Readers get effortless search results, and publishers retain their traffic.

  • Gain Insight

    When they use Apture to highlight and search on the page they are telling you what they want to know more about. It’s time to start listening.

  • Turbo-charge Your Links

    You want to link your readers to important information, but don’t want them to leave your site. Now Apture lets you link to 60+ sources like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Google Maps without sending your readers off-site. Just create normal hyperlinks and let Apture take care of the rest.

So we saw the features of Apture. Take a look at the live example which i did on my site. I highlighted my pen name “Kashyapa”. I got the “Learn More” link from Apture on clicking that link, i am given a nice looking sleek dialog window which explores more on the highlighted text. Pretty neat i say. Here is the screen shot:


Here is the official video from Apture:

Apture: Search. Explore. Experience. from Apture Inc on Vimeo.

I have enabled Apture on my site. If you would like to enable to visit www.apture.com.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Arun Mahendrakar

    Sounds interesting… wait for a month and then post some stats showing the difference of with and without Apture.


    • Hey Arun

      I think i will get the highligh stats from next week to my inbox. The stats they give is i think about only the user highlights. I may have to look at my google analytics to see other matrix. Let me see what comes up. Its been just 2 days :)