Was your first reaction – how can i be on the Cloud?. Well fair enough for anybody to get that feeling. No i am not talking about you physically climbing a cloud Smile. Rather the term Cloud here is the new buzz word in the IT arena also known as “Cloud Computing”. Hope that sets the tone for the rest of the reading.

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about areas in the IT arena nowadays. Most of the tech events or conferences that i attend or listen to will surely have Cloud related topics or discussion. In this post, when i say Cloud computing, i will be referring to “Windows Azure” platform from Microsoft or also termed popularly as Microsoft Cloud.

You ask what’s Windows Azure? Well here is the short answer for that:

Windows Azure is the cloud-based development platform that lets you build and run applications in the cloud, launch them in minutes instead of months and code in multiple languages and technologies Start to innovate, unencumbered by redundancy, bandwidth or server constraints…


Microsoft has come out with a wonderful initiative for the developers called “Windows Azure Pass”. As the name itself specifies, this is a pass for the developers to get a first hand feel about what’s it like to develop for this new platform.


Have a look at the official Microsoft flyer which talks about this Windows Azure Pass program here: http://cruniv2.brinkster.net/PRM/EDM.html

That’s not it. Once you avail this Azure Pass, you get some goodies for being on the cloud. Yes, you register, develop a small application and send it to Microsoft and if you lucky enough you might win anything from Windows Phone 7, Pen Drives, Windows T-Shirt, Xbox 360 + Kinect. Here is the Registration process:

  • Go to the Website www.windowsazurepass.com
  • Select "INDIA" as country from the drop down
  • Enter the promo code "R2011DPE"
  • Click on Submit
  • Click on Sign In on the extreme right
  • Enter your Windows Live Id and Password
  • If you don’t have a windows Live Id "Create one" and then sign in
  • You’ll receive an instant email with your Azure login credentials
  • Now you can develop or deploy a sample application on the Cloud using our tutorial
  • Download a sample application and step by step tutorial on how to deploy your application on the cloud
  • Congratulations you are now on Windows Azure Cloud!
  • Do send us the URL of your application to azuresupport@crbiconsultingindia.com to confirm your participation and deployment of cloud app to grab exciting prizes

For more information on this contest, do have a look at the official flyer here:http://cruniv2.brinkster.net/PRM/EDM.html

Again, are you on Cloud? If not don’s miss this opportunity. Get your pass soon. Waiting list may have started.


Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.