Marlabs, an award-winning provider of innovative software services and BPO services is conducting an Educational Conference on Microsoft Technologies in Mysore this weekend. This conference is mainly for the benefit and advantage of students and entry level developers to get a sneak peek on the emerging technologies on Microsoft platform. This conference is also supported by National Institute of Engineering college a.k.a NIE college.

It gives me immense pleasure to share the fact that i have been invited to share the podium with some of the great speakers of the technology. Anoop Madhusudanan, working in the capacity of Solution Architect, MS Technologies at Marlabs is a very good friend of mine is coordinating this event. When he approached me and asked me if i can travel down to Mysore and give a session on any of the emerging technologies i was more than willing to take up this assignment. What better way to visit my home town & my rival college. I am a student of Sri JayaChamarajendra College of Engineering a.k.a SJCE and we share a healthy rivalry with NIE in all aspects. Its been a a decade that have passed out but still those college days memoirs are fresh.

I will be speaking on a topic “Building Connectivity Systems – OData”. Will try to explore and explain how OData can be used to build a connected system across platforms. I have a 45 minute slot and audience being college students, i have a huge challenge not to make it too geekish or not to make it too verbose. So will try to make it apt and deliver the point i want to make on OData.


So if you are a student or a developer in Mysore, this is your chance to meet the industries best. Head over to NIE this Saturday May 7. Conference will start from 9:30 AM onwards.


I am sooper excited to be part of this wonderful initiative by Anoop and team. What better way to educate the guys standing at the gate of our industry than to go to them and talk about the current trend of things. Looking forward to this conference very much.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.