I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. Its been almost month that i had done interview. This time i have an very interesting guest, interesting in the fact that the topic we discussed is the current buzz in the IT environment. So read on.

In April, Bangalore hosted one of the IT events by name Great Indian Developer Summit, popularly known as GIDS. My good friend Stephen Forte was coming to GIDS too for Telerik. And we were exchanging thoughts about another round of interview with him. He told me that he can give me another host for interview. He told me that Clemens Vasters will be there and i can interview him. I looked up about Clemens just to make sure that i update my knowledge and when i saw that he heads the App Fabric team i was more than delighted. So my thanks goes out to Stephen first for introducing me to Clemens.

Clemens Vasters is a Priciple Technical Lead on Windows Azure App Fabric team. He was presenting in GIDS on his topic of course App Fabric. When we met it was lunch time and Stephen had already told Clemens about my desire to interview. Clemens was so generous that he quickly finished his lunch and told me “Lets do it”. So i found an empty hall (lucky that it was lunch time). And we completed the shoot.

As usual it was the same format. I just told him right before the start of the interview what questions i am gonna ask him. And he was comfortable with it. Now that i see back on the interview after all the editing and going back and forth on the timeline, i realize that there is so many informative stuff Clemens has been able to disseminate within just 10 minutes. Here are the question i had put forth to him:

  • Clemen’s roles and responsibilities inside Microsoft
  • Microsoft cloud when compared to others
  • Private cloud and Enterprises
  • Indian IT and cloud adoption
  • As a developer – to cloud or not to cloud

Its an interesting interview which has loads of information on the cloud topic itself. So enjoy the interview. Here is an embed version of the same:

Clemens Vasters, Principle Tech Lead, Windows Azure App Fabric – Uncut & Unedited

Be sure to check the video till the end.

Disclaimer : In the video i have got Clemen’s last name wrong. Due to some reason when i editing i always had his last name as “Valters” instead of “Vasters”. Clemens if you read this Apologies for the same Smile.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with Passion. Decode with Patience.

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