In my endeavour to get on to the band wagon of RESTful service development with WCF, i came across a scenario which compelled me to cook up something for that. Read on as i narrate my experience in creating my first Visual Studio Extension.

Visual Studio Extension are, as the name goes, features which extend Visual Studio itself. When i first set out myself to start working on REST in WCF 4.0, i was pointed towards a project template available in Visual Studio Gallery. The template is known as “WCF REST Service Template 40 (CS)”. Alternatively within Visual Studio 2010, if you open Extension manager and search for “WCF REST” you will find the template.


What this extension template does is, it puts a new project template on your system which will help you to jump start with WCF REST based service development. The project template will be known as “WCF REST Service Application


So this is all fine in Visual Studio 2010. I normally try to demo or talk from the perspective of Express editions of Visual Studio i.e. in this case Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. This template was not available for express editions.

I wanted to do a WCF REST Service application in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition. But i could not find any extension template which will provide me with a project template similar to VS.NET 2010 to jump start with REST Service development on Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition.

So i decided to make a extension template for VWD 2010 Express edition. First thing i did was to look at what the extension template in VS.NET 2010 did and replicated the same in VWD 2010 Express. Then using another extension template named “Export Template Wizard” was able to create a VSIX i.e. Visual Studio Extension and targeted it to only Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition only.

To use this extension, within Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition, go to extension manager and search for “VWD WCF REST”. You will be presented with my extension template which is uploaded to Visual Studio Gallery. See the screen shot below:


Click on the download and the extension will be installed. Once it is installed go to File > New Project, select “Visual C#” root node. In the project template section you will now see a new template named “WCF REST Service”. And voila you will be able to now jump start your WCF REST Service application development in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition also.


Request you all to download the extension template, try the new project template on Visual Web Developer 2010 express edition and let me know if you have any comments or feedback. This is my first ever contribution to community and i am all excited about this.

Here is the Visual Studio Gallery link for this extension:

Till next time, happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • thank you!

  • A1swdeveloper

    Well I got it, now how do I use it. I can’t find it in the template list.

  • I like it but why on earth you publish it on twitter again and again?