On Apr 16 2011 we conducted a UG meet at BDotNet. This time the event was held at Microsoft building, Embassy Golf Links, Bengaluru.

As the usual format goes we had 3 speakers this time. We had:

  • Sudhir Rawat – from Microsoft who talked about Denali, the next version of SQL Server from Microsoft.


  • Myself – I talked about Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools for 2010.
  • Anil Mahadev – from Embarcadero, talked about Delphi Prism which helps in porting .NET apps to Linux.


As usual i was playing with my slides till the last moment and left my house at 10:30. Had a long way to go decided to risk it. Made it by 11:10 or so. Went straight to the Krishna Hall, stood in the queue, registered myself and my laptop, got the sticker and pasted it on my shirt. When i got in the session of Sudhir Rawat was getting started. Sudhir was setting up his presentation and i could see around 15+ BDotNet members seated.

As the day progressed we started getting some more members and at the end i think we had close to 30+ memebers. Having seen the previous UG meets, this number was a great number this time.

Sudhir did an excellent job of explaining things about Denali. Would encourage you to go and look at Microsoft pages for Denali. Its the next version of SQL Server with more enhanced things.

After Sudhir it was my turn. Before i started my session, we from BDotNet had made a small movie about BDotNet and BITPro members at TechEd 2011. Kashinath who is the BDotNet UG Lead, had made some interviews of BDotNet speakers and MVP. I took those videos and made a movie out of it. I am happy to say that BDotNet is now having its own channel at YouTube. You can visit http://youtube.com/bdotnetin. I am trying to upload the movie but both my BSNL broadband and Reliance Netconnect are choking on me. Soon will upload the video and let everybody know.

When i started my session i was little bit nervous today. Reason being we had a guest in the Audience and it was Pinal Dave – SQL Server Evangelist from Microsoft. He is popularly knwon as SQLAuthority because of his site SQLAuthority.com.


When i decided to give a session on Productivity Power Tools cracked my head trying to figure out how to put this to the audience. To give you guys a background – Visual Studio Power Tools is a Visual Studio extension which adds some cool tools to Visual Studio which are not bundled with  the product. This is a separate install which need to be done from VisualStudioGallery.com. I have created a tiny url for the download page – http://tinyurl.com/ProdPowerTools.

I broke down the extension features to –

  • Code Editor based power tooling support

    Spoke about all the extension that the tool provides within the editor.

  • Solution Navigator power tooling support
    Spoke about the new solution browsing extension known as Navigator and how is this different from the regular Solution Explorer.
  • Tabs power tooling support
    Spoke about the tabs extension that the tools supports within the IDE.
  • Add reference power tooling Support
    Spoke about how the Add Reference dialog is more than a reference dialog now. It allows you to search for assemblies and support multi targeting scenario.
  • Tools options
    Spoke about the options dialog which helps to controls different extensions of the Visual Studio Power Tools

For me this time it was so much fun doing this specific talk. Reason being the audience was able to so connect with themselves and what they do in their day to day job that the whole session became so enjoyable and yet informative enough for them. I could see the heads nodding when i showed the demos. I could see the facing going “ahhh didnt know about that”. Gives a great feeling to the speaker when he can have the audience be with the context and relate the context to themselves. At the end of the day i think it was a successful session from my side. Thanks to all those audience who listened so patiently.

Here is the link to my  slide deck:

Download link for the slide deck : http://tinyurl.com/ProdPowerToolsSlides

After my session Anil Mahadev from Embarcadero showed an excellent 15 minute demo of porting .NET apps to Linux. I think he used Delphi Prism a product from Embarcadero which makes it easy to port apps to Linux. He built a note pad app on the fly and ported it to Suse Linux and showed the same functionality working on Linux too. Was a great wow moment from the audience. We are expecting a full fledged session from Anil in coming days. So stay tuned.

Couple of question that was asked to me during Q & A :

  • Is Visual Studio Productivity Tools supported on Express editions?
    Unfortunately no. I do not know the reason but express editions cant make use of the productivity power tools. This is available only for full SKU of VS.NET products.
  • Is Visual Studio Productivity tools supported on VS.NET 2008?
    No. VS Prod Tools is supported for only VS.NET 2010 platform. But i searched for the information and came to know that there is something known as Power Commands for VS.NET 2008. Here is the link for the same: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/PowerCommands

I have to end with this note from Pinal Dave. After my session he said to me – Good presentation. You don’t need to preach but all you need to do is tell”. I felt he was so apt in putting that statement. That sums up so many things and one thing for sure is he liked my presentation.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Shobha

    Very good session. Quite infomative

    • Hi

      Thanks for the comments. Hope you attend many more BDotNet sessions and bring in more of your peers.