This is the 3 post of the 3 part series on my TechEd experience. If you haven’t read the first 2 posts, here is the link for the same:

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In this post I will going through the day 3 memoirs.

At the end of the second day, there was a booty announced and we were told that the booty was available to only those who would come in between 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. The booty was a “Internet Explorer 9”. We were all excited hearing that. I reached the venue at 9:00 AM and was able to collect the watch. That day we were seeing tweets like “Fast is Now Beautiful on my wrist” and all. So here is the picture of the IE9 watch:


Again as day 2, I made sure that I sit in the front row of the main hall where the keynote was to be delivered. It was exciting because the 2 keynote speakers were very distinguished Microsofties.

The first keynote was from Jason Zander, who is the  CVP, Visual Studio. An amazing person and a good presenter too. He was talking about the Visual Studio and the progress MS has made with that. Believe it or not when I say this – being an CVP he did coding on the fly and showcased NuGet package installation, showed a ASP.NET MVC 3 + EF code first demo. Imagine a CVP doing coding in a keynote session. We were all thrilled by this. He did mention that he was a hard code developer at heart. This gave boost to many people. Tweets were all floating around with this


Next keynote was from Moorthy Uppaluri, GM, DPE, Microsoft India. Since it was the cricket time with world cup going on, what better way to make an entry but with a cricketing gear. Yes, Moorthy made an impressive entry with cricket gear on i.e. Indian Jersey, Helmet and a Bat. Moorthy talked about an interesting topic “Metamorphosis of Indian Techie”. He was trying to stress upon the team work that is required and also at the same time how to make it big and noticed. He made all his points by setting the context with current on goings that with Team India perspective. was fun to listen to him.


Well once the keynote was done, it was time for some networking. Two techies from Hyderabad Shravan and Pranav were going around doing a video interview of MVPs and asking them how they felt about TechEd. I too was interviewed and am eagerly looking forward to the video. Had a lot of meetups again with many MVPs. I met a MVP from Hyderabad Abhijit Jana who came down to Bangalore that day morning just to meet up with other MVPs and attend couple of sessions. Yes, he flew down all the way from Hyderabad jus to do networking. Had a nice time chatting with him and Anoop on IE9 again.

So far all round table was held in what we called as “Glass Room 6” in Lalit Ashok. We had a surprise waiting when Abhishek(s) said that we have a 1 round table in a restaurant. It was known as OKO a Thai restaurant within Lalit Ashok. A lovely atmosphere with Black and Red all around. So this would be a working lunch for everybody. We were meeting Rajiv Kumar, IDC Head Hyderabad. He was also responsible for Office related stuff. Many positive feedback went in for the office related features. We came to know about where MS is heading out with Office and what’s plan there. He was also generous enough to take down feedbacks that many MVP gave him in terms of some features or suggestion. He had to hurry has he had a flight to catch. But was really a very good experience of how executives look out for feedbacks to improve the product

Next round table was the much awaited one for me. We had a round table with Jason Zander. What struck me was the fact that he was so simple and down to earth. As soon we started throwing questions at him, he was so patient in hearing them and was so poised when he started answering one by one. He gave each question its due respect and provided an answer. As I have said before I cant tell you all the details of what was discussed as we are under a NDA. I did put forth my question which is – “I am an avid user of Visual Studio Power Tools extension. Since it’s a separate add on as of now, when can we see it going main stream with VS.NET IDE”. For the answer, wait and watch. I cant disclose it now.

The day was to end at an exciting note too. Yes the closing keynote was done none other than by our own Anil Kumble. He had an interesting perspective to speak about. He stressed the importance of team work be it whether a cricket or a project. His analogy was so apt for the audience who are mostly team members in one or the other project teams in their respective companies.


So the 3 days of technology experience came to an end with this closing keynote.

What was interesting was the fact that I tweeted so much that I was also in the trending list for tweeting too much on hashtag #TechEdIn. I tweet with the handle @kashyapa. Also on the number of tweets – I had around 17% share while MSDNIndia had 13% and TechnetIndia had 10% share of the tweets. Here is an interesting statistics created my good friend Anoop for the TechEdIn –


The day ended with a pool side party arranged by Pluralsight and Telerik. Thanks to Aaron from Pluralsight for inviting us over.

As I see back now, what an event it was for me. Made so many friends through networking, learned some cool new stuff from the technology perspective and last but not the least the life time experience of sitting with the MS executives. I say awesome job. Thanks to all those at TechEdIn backstage for making this event a success.

To all the MVPs, once again a big thank you to all who have interacted with me. It’s a fantastic bunch of MVPs I met and I am eager to be an MVP and stand next to you guys.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Anonymous

    Nice review kasyapa. Enjoyed reading it and reminisced about my experiences in those three days. People whom I think much about, follow on Twitter and chat on Facebook moving in front of me. Its like a live Facebook for me :) and a wonderful experience. I am glad to meet you there.

    One more thing… Just FYI.. Abhijit Jana works for Microsoft, Hyderabad. He is not an MVP. :)

    • Hey Pranav

      Thanks for the comment. You are right about Abhijit. Abhijit told me about this :)