This is post 2 of 3 post series. If you have not read the first one – here is the link for the first post titled “Microsoft TechEd India 2011 – My TechPerience – Day 1”

After finishing Day 1 in TechEd it set my expectations atleast, for the next 2 days. I was very much excited for Day 2 and Day 3.

Destined to get the front row in the main hall where the Keynotes were going on, managed to reach the venue by 9:00PM. On Day 1 I had to watch the keynote from some other other via streaming. So had decided to grab the front seats.

Day 2 keynote had an exciting product keynote. The first keynote of the day was done by Brian Hall, GM, IE and Windows Live Services. Just before Brian entry for the key note, a video was played which kind of set the stage for IE9. The tag line for IE9 release is “Fast Is Now Beautiful”. Brian Hall is an excellent speaker and his keynote was both fun and informative to sit through. We had interesting demos from SnapDeal and SnapDeal has made use of the IE9 features and is trying to provide a rich user experience while browsing their site. is a photo uploading site currently developed for photographer Dinesh Kumble (Brother of cricketer Anil Kumble). Photovault uses the IE9 features for providing a rich user experience on their site.


Keynote 2 was from Bharat Shyam, GM Developer Experience, Microsoft. For me this keynote looked a little dry. So I thought of going around the booths and figure out what things are being showcased. So I head out towards the booths.

We had booths from Microsoft Cloud Services, Microsoft Learning, Puralsight, Infragistics, Microsoft Lync, Intel, Capgemini, Bing, Microsoft Robotics, Microsoft Surface, Dynamics, VS.NET, Denali to name a few. By the time I finished a lap around here it was lunch time.

On Day 2 also we had the round table conference scheduled. We had around 3 round tables on day 2. First round table  was with Ramkumar Pitchai, GM Customer and Partner experience. This round table from my perspective was very interesting. Reason being, here is a GM who handles Customers & Partners experience, sitting with a bunch of MVPs and asking us how do we improve community awareness. He wanted to specifically know how the gap can be closed between Microsoft and the community. What solutions can be thought of improve the interaction between the community and MS. I cannot spill the beans on what we discussed as I am under NDA. I cannot tweet or write about what was discussed within the four walls.

The next round table I attended was that of Brian Hall. He is the GM for IE and Windows Live Services. When I saw him upclose one thing that struck me was – he looks were very much similar to Chris Cairns the cricketer from New Zealand. Brian was so down to earth person that he listened to each and every question that was thrown at him. He is a very good orator and shielded all the questions so well. The MVPs made sure they asked every aspect of IE9 ranging from comparison to other browsers to outstanding features of IE9. As I said I am under NDA not to disclose those things. But this was the best experience of my life.



(I am standing next to Brian in this photo Smile )

What better way to wind up the day with a community evening. All MVP and community leads were hosted by INETA, GITCA and PASS. Thanks to these user associations for the food and the drink. Had a excellent opportunity to meet and greet many people in this party.

So that’s how day 2 winded up for me.

Stay tuned for the last day experience.

Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.