Recently i was going through an article on SQL Azure. I was just trying to get to know SQL Azure. One of the topics i was going through was that of Security.

One interesting thing that caught my mind was – 3 links which talk about the following:

1. Suggestions for creating strong passwords and password security

2. Password Strength Checker

3. Strong Password Generator

1. Strong Password Creation:

Microsoft has a article on creating strong password and password security. Here is the article link for the same:

According to this article the keys to password strength is the length of the password and the complexity of the password. Look at the following table which gives suggestions:


So next time when you set a password keep the above points in mind.

2. Password Strength Checker:

So you have set a password but do you know if you password has the right strength to protect you against hacker. Well wondering how you check that out. Microsoft has a article on the same or rather has a online application which can check the strength of your password and tell you the strength. Here is the article for the same:

Following is a screenshot of the different strengths it provides:





So test your password strength.

3. Strong Password Generator:

So you read about the suggestion and tool to check the strength of your password. Its always not easy to generate a strong password. Every time i have to set my windows password i always sit and wonder what to set as password. I wished if there was a tool which can help me with that. There are many password generators available – some freeware apps or on the web. One such password generator that i am mentioning here is:

What i liked with this tool is the use of random data which they call as “Entropy”. The entropy data considered are browser, window position, timer, mouse and keyboard. If you dont trust this, you can provide your own entropy data. Also this tool provides the bit strength per character.



So, do think about your passwords – their length and complexity and figure out how strong is it. Hope this article throws some light on how you treat your passwords.

Till next time, as usual – Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.