HI there. I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited, In this episode, my guest is Chief Development Officer of Opera, Mr Christen Krogh.

As usual, 10 minutes and 5 questions to him. Yes these question were not told to him before hand. But just at the time of the interview.

So the question put forth to him are as follows:
Is Opera just a browser company or much more than that ?

– As a Chief Development Officer, what is his work like ?

– Is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 a threat to Opera Mini ?

– Is Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 a threat to Opera desktop browser ?

– What does it take to be one step ahead of their competitors ?

For the first time, i have provided subtitles for this video. It took me almost a week to put the subtitles for the whole 9 min plus video. I am using Windows Live Movie Maker for providing the subtitles for the video. Watch the interview and let me know your feedback.

Christen Krogh – CDO Opera – Uncut & Unedited


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Its my endeavour to speak to people from technology area and that’s make me seek out to people. It could be you next time Smile. Stay tuned.

Note: Views and Opinions expressed in this interview is that of the guest. Neither Dotnet Rumbles nor me endorse or take ownership of any of the comments/opinions expressed here.