In my last post i talked about a contest currently running for the tech event “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011” – BLOGATHON. This is being promoted by MSDN India and Technet India. Today in this post i will be talking about another contest as part of the tech.ed India 2011.

The content is known as “TWEETATHON”. As the name goes and yes you guessed it right – its all about tweeting. The contest is fairly simple. Tweet about tech.ed India 2011 with a particular hashtag namely #TechEdIn and you stand a chance to win goodies from MSDN/Technet India.

You need to complete the following sentence and tweet the same and you will automatically stand a chance to win the voucher. Following are the sentences:

* I am excited about #techedin because …
* The session I want to attend the most at #techedin is …
* People I am looking forward to meeting at #techedin include …


So what are you waiting for – If you are on twitter then start completing the above sentences and tweet to win goodies. I am tweeting for sure as i am excited to be attending this event in person this time.

Hope you got the awareness of the contest being going on for tech.ed India 2011.

As usual till next time, Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.