I am back again with a blog post. This time I am writing this post for entering myself into a contest run by MSDN India known as “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011 BLOGATHON”. The blogathon has 4 topics to choose from. I have chosen the topic – “My favotite memory from one of the Tech.Ed I attended”. You can check more on this contest at MSDN India Facebook Page. So read on, here it goes.

Microsoft tech.ed is a premiere event that is held imageevery year all over the world. In India, for the year 2010 it was held in our own backyard i.e. Bangalore. Being in the industry for almost a decade, I don’t remember myself going to this event in person anytime. Moreover this is a paid event so somebody has to sponsor you for this.

What was interesting about tech.ed 2010 was the fact that for the first time in the history of tech.ed the event was streamed live and was called as “Virtual tech.ed”. The celebrity host Nikhil Chinappa was the face behind the screen for the virtual tech.ed. I had become very active user of twitter by that time. And I was live tweeting the event with whatever I was seeing on the screen.

The concept was unique and was very well planned and executed by the tech.ed team. The virtual studio was filled with session after session which included mostly the interviews of the speakers and key people. We had Somasegar, Uppaluri and many more speakers being interviewed. What more the Visual Studio 2010 was launched during this event.

Apart from the studio sessions, one interesting thing this virtual event had was what was known as “The Roving Camera” – folks from Microsoft like Pandurang Nayak and few other hosts went out to the field and were interviewing people. We even had a chance to look at the booths and all. The best part of the whole virtual affair was the “Chocolate Fountain” at the booths. The roving camera was out at Chocolate Fountain and I kept on tweeting about the fountain. Many of my friends thought that I was present live at the event and they started tweeting back and emailing me asking where was I at the venue. I had to answer them that I was at my cubicle and not in the venue.

I enjoyed my first ever tech.ed though not in person but being virtually present. I dunno if tech.ed is again having virtual event this time too. I would urge them to have it so that many people who cannot attend in person can atleast get the feel of the event virtually.

If you liked my story please do comment and let me know your feedback. Hope MSDN India thinks that this is a unique story they are looking for.

As always, till next time, Happy coding.

Code with passion, Decode with patience. 

  • Sathya Narayanan

    Hello Lohith,

    It was good to see you narrate your experience of Tech.ed 2010 :) I’m sure you are looking forward for Tech.ed 2011, never the less, i’m excited too ! Do visit my site : http://www.SathyaNarayanan.in/ for my blogathon entry !