Today we will be looking in to another category in the Niney Awards. Todays category is “Favorite Twitter User”. From my perspective this is a very interesting category for any award nomination. This shows how much impact the micro blogging phenomenon Twitter has impacted us. A category for a favorite twitter user really shows the power of Twitter.

Now lets look at the nominations under this category:

  • Scott Hanselman
    Scott is the Principal Program Program Manager in  Microsoft but works from his home office. His twitter handle is @shanselman and aboutmeblogs at I am a big fan of Scott. If you havent seen Scott presentations, I highly recommend you to go check out any of his presentations on his site. One of the best speakers I have seen lately. He is a master of all as far I have known. Hardware/Software you name it, he will be there. I am surely gonna vote for Scott. So check his profile and vote if you like.
  • Guy Kawasaki
    Guy Kawasaki according to Wikipedia is:

    Guy Kawasaki (Born August 30, 1954) is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. imageHe was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984. He is currently a Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, and has been involved in the rumor reporting site, Truemors, and an RSS aggregator, Alltop. He is also a well-known blogger.

    In the micro blogging world he is one of the influential fellows. Do check this personality for sure.

  • Coding Horror is the twitter handle of Jeff Atwood. He is the co founder of the site If you haven’t seen stackoverflow, I highly recommend to go through the site once. Amazing site Jeff Atwood. Chillaxing.which is kind of bing for programming areas. It’s a site where you ask questions but instead of an expert answering you have programmers answering the same. So it’s a site for the programmers and by the programmers. A lot of language categories available and a lot of traction going on there. Jeff also blogs at Do check out this site where he tries to write up on coding horrors that programmers normally commit. I am gonna vote for Jeff for sure.

  • Major Nelson (Larry Hryb)
    Major Nelson is the twitter handle of Larry Hryb. According to his twitter bio –

    A real person who works on thimagee Xbox team. All the tweets you see are from me, an only me. No shenanigans here. Blog:

    If you need to know anything on the XBOX related stuff, he is the guy to follow for. Do check out his profile and vote for him.

  • Scott Guthrie
    Scott Guthrie or “His Guness” is what some of us like to call him, is the Corporate Vice President in Microsoft Developer Division. He tweets with the twitter handle @scottgu. He blogs at I am a big fan of Scott both for his writing and for his presentation. I once asked him does he write all blog posts by himself or does some body does it for him. He said every bit of his article post is written by him. He is also known for his fanatics to Red Polo T-Shirt. Almost in every major event he is going to be there he will be wearing a red t-shirt. Scot is definitely goanna get my vote for sure. If you ever wanted to know who was the man behind – CLR, .NET BCL, ASP.NET, SL, WPF, IIS 7.0, VS Tools – well Scott it is.

  • Robert Scoble
    Robert Scoble, one of the most famous person on the micro blogging world, tweets with the imagehandle @scobleizer. He has one of the most famous blogs on the net Currently with RackSpace, he was a Microsoft Evangelist from 2003-2006 and is one the people behind Very techfull person and has a new shows where he interviews geeks and the program is called Building43 –

So today we saw the most influential person on the micro blogging world. Hope I was able to create some awareness on the most happening persons. Do check out these profiles and vote for the people who you like deserves it.

Next post we will be looking at the next category – “Most Helpful Niner”. People behind the channel 9 are known as “Niners”.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.