I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. In this episode my guest is Mr. Pinal Dave. Pinal is a SQL Server Evangelist in Microsoft.


I have been trying to set up a time to interview with Pinal from last couple of weeks. Nothing had materialized so far. But last Sunday i was fortunate enough to have the time slot worked out between Pinal and myself. I met him in his hotel where he was staying currently in Bangalore.

It was a super fun interview session i had this time. He was a down to earth person. Infact pre interview session believe it or not we had the ice breaker go on for nearly 1 hour. I came to know more of Pinal as a family man, as a technologist and his craving for constant change. He has accepted a position in Microsoft India, Bangalore and had relocated to Bangalore just this month.

In this episode i tried to know more about Who Pinal is and what does he do, How should we pronounce his last name and many people call it in many ways Smile, how he entered into the world of SQL/SQL Server, History of his blog www.sqlauthority.com, What does evangelism mean to him and What are his community initiative. I must say not only is he a good speaker but also a good actor. Check out the last bit of the interview. That was not at all planned he just made it out.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Pinal for the interview.

So folks, tune in and let  me know your comments.

Till next time, Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

Uncut & Unedited–Pinal Dave, SQL Server Evangelist, Microsoft

PS: Because of my broadband intermittently choking on me – it took me three days to upload this.

  • Pinal TheWay :) Great! Luckily the 220MB youtube video got downloaded in ~ 20minutes on BSNL 3G :) http://www.twitpic.com/40agaw Now watching it offline

    • Hi Kamlesh

      Thanks for the comments. Glad you were able to download the video in 20 minutes. To upload .WMV format of 600MB it took me 3 days as the BSNL broadband kept on choking.

      See the video and let me know how it was.


  • Pradeep Adiga


    The Uncut & Unedited is getting better with each and every interview! This time the audio quality is perfect. Great job!

    The questions and the response from Pinal were so real, never seemed a like a recorded conversation. Congrats Pinal on the new role and welcome to Bangalore!

    • Hi Pradeep,

      Thanks for the comments. Yeah he was very natural. Infact he didnt know that it was a video interview. And also i briefed him on the question just a minute before the recording starts.

      Thanks for the encouraging words. Will try to keep up to the expectation. Looking forward to encouragement from people like you and many more.


  • Sahil Sagar

    Very nice. Keep up the awesome work that you are doing.

    • Thanks Sahil. Thanks for the comments. Thats encouraging.