In my past 2 posts we have seen the nominations for Favorite Channel 9 Series (Video) and Favorite Channel 9 Show (Video). Today we will look into another category for the niney awards – Favorite Community Show (Video). This one is for the show hosted by the community members outside of Channel 9. So in a way this is a show by the community and for the community.

Here are the nominations:

Engadget Show

Engadget is one of the famous web magazines out their on the internet. The Engadget show is a video show where in all sorts of technology imageis talked about. Currently with 17 episodes under their belt – Engadget Show is one of the contenders for the Favorite Community Show. Personally speaking i had never heard about this show so far. So i would have check out this and then decide on voting. The official description about Engadget is as follows:

Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
Engadget was launched in March of 2004 in partnership with the Weblogs, Inc. Network (WIN).

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    Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories. They publish new episodes every Wednesdays. Currently this show has around 293 episodes. That’s a lot of episodes i must say. This is hosted by two gentlemen – Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose. Check this out as this seems to be an interesting show. I have personally never heard of this show. Thanks to Niney i will be checking this show.

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    Windows Weekly as the name says is a show which looks at things happening in and around Microsoft on a weekly basis. This show is hosted by Paul Thurrott – who runs a very famous blog “Supersite for Windows”. Currently this show has around 195 episodes. The episodes are recorded every Thursday eastern time. Here is the official description of this show:

    A weekly look at all things Microsoft including Windows 7, Office 2010 and Xbox, from the foremost Windows expert in the world, Paul Thurrott of the Super Site for Windows. Recorded live every Thursday at 2p Eastern/11a Pacific/1800 UTC on Available for download in audio and video versions shortly thereafter. Bandwidth is provided by Cachefly.

    Thanks to Niney i am discovering new things on the community. Will check this site and then vote for sure.

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    This is a weekly tech news show from CNET. This is hosted by Molly Wood, one of the Executive Editors of CNET. Seems to be a good show with all the latest happenings from the tech world. Here is the official description of the show:

    In this weekly tech news roundup, Molly Wood provides a fresh and funny perspective on the hottest technology news, gadgets, and developments. Warning: contains ruthless analysis and frequent sarcasm

    Seems like a funny show. Do check it out.

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    Another tech show in the community which takes a look at the latest tech happening and tried to analyse the same. This is hosted by Leo Laporte. Broadcasted live every Sunday eastern time, this show is  currently at 288 episodes. Here is the official description of the show:

    Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join the top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Winner of "Best Video Podcast" in the 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Broadcast live every Sunday at 6p Eastern/3p Pacific/2200 UTC on Available for download in audio and video versions shortly thereafter. Bandwidth is provided by Winamp,, and Cachefly.

  • GeekBeat.TV


    Here is the official description of the show:

    GeekBeat.TV is a short video show, hosted by Cali Lewis, about technology news, current gadgets, and amazing research projects that will affect your future. I have a passion for technology, and I work hard to find the most interesting, most compelling, most exciting stories out there, and tell you about them in a quick five minutes.

    You can watch GeekBeat.TV being shot live and see the production in action sometimes at CaliLive.TV

    Also the Niney team has an option to nominate any other show that you think is worth the nomination. So do check out the above nomination and vote.

    Next post we will look into “Favorite Twitter User”.

    As usual, till next time – Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.