Gul Panag, one of the leading ladies of Hindi Film Industry a.k.a Bollywood, a celebrity and social icon was in Bangalore for a days visit on Jan 31. I had the opportunity to not only be part of the tweetup she held but also to interview her for my Uncut and Unedited segment.

Believe it or not when i  say this – it just took me one tweet to ask Gul if i can be part of the tweetup and interview her. On a Sunday evening when i was spending time with my family saw a tweet from Gul where she said she is gonna be landing in Bangalore on Monday night and if is anybody is interested in  tweetup. I just retweeted saying would love to tweetup with her and also interview her and asked her if she can spare 10 minutes for me. And only 1 word reply “Yes” Smile.

When we met i must tell you that she was a down to earth person with no celebrity-ness being shown to the tweeples. I was floored by her so casual and meet new people attitude.

Normally before shooting the interview i brief the guest what 5 questions i am going to ask them. When i tried to do the same with Gul, she just stopped and say – don’t worry ask whatever your questions are, i will answer that. And when you watch the whole interview she is candid as she can get.

So enjoy the interview. Do drop me comments on what you feel about the interview.

Thanks to my good friend Vijay a.k.a MSIGeek for selling me his Flip HD and getting it to me on time. I think this time the video quality will be good.I had a lot of background noise in the place where i interviewed. Had to do background noise removal because of which you might feel some loss in sound. Please bear with that. This is my second interview and i am learning day by day.

Once again thanks to Gul Panag for letting me interview her and such a lovely tweetup.

As always, till next time – Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Nandan Shantharaj

    cool interview….

  • Jayarama raghu

    Nice one man keep it up !!! when did u start this ? Its different hobby man good

    • Jay,

      Started last year man…have been lately doing community speaking and blogging :)