You have heard about “Community TechDays (CTD)” – a premiere event from Microsoft. If not well this is what Microsoft says about CTD –

Dive deep into the world of Microsoft technologies at the Community TechDays and get trained on the latest from Microsoft. Build real connections with Microsoft experts and community members, and gain the inspiration and skills needed to maximize your impact on your organization while enhancing your career. 

As you can see the community tech days are you usually in person event meaning it usually happens at an venue and you attend in person. Some of the CTD session do have a live streaming facility.

Now you must be wondering what is Virtual Tech Days. Well as the name goes this event is Virtual. This is also a technical event very similar to CTD but happening virtually. Everything is delivered right at to your desk. All that you need is a computer with internet connectivity to attend this event. This event will be streamed live.

This time the virtual event is scheduled for Feb 9 to Feb 11, 2011. To summarize the event:

  • 3 Days of virtual event
  • 5 Tracks – Developer, IT PRo. Enterprise, Architect, Interoperability
  • 5 sub tracks at any time
    • Developer TrackWeb Development, Windows Client Development, Database and BI Development
    •  IT Pro TrackDeployment & Management, Security, Hands on Lab (only on day 3)
    • Enterprise Track – Enterprise Track 1, Enterprise Track 2 (only on day 3)
    • Architect Track (only on day 3)
    • Interoperability Track (only on day 3)
  • 5 technical session at any given hour, 25 technical sessions in a day, 75 technical sessions in 3 days
  • 29 speakers delivering technical content

This is also one of the premiere events from Microsoft. What’s interesting is the fact that this is 11 edition of virtual tech days. I have been in this industry for close to a decade now and i know of this event only from last 2 to 3 years. Cant believe that this has been running so long. Also this event is a platform setter for the much awaited bigger event of the year “Tech.Ed 2011” which is slated to happen in Bangalore again, dates being March 23-25, 2011.

Registration for VTD is free and are open now. Hurry and book your seat for the same. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about some latest and cool things on your technology right at your desk. I am tuning in for sure.

As always, till next time – Happy coding. Code with passion, decode with patience Smile