I recently did a interview with CSO of Telerik, Stephen Forte. The interview was for just 10 minutes and as i have blogged that was my first ever interview i have done and that too it was an international personality.

The feeling after i edited & uploaded  the video to You Tube and publishing that article was simply amazing. Till now i have been only listening to all sort of casts i.e. screencast, webcast, podcast etc from various people in my technology arena. For me to create one was an extra ordinary feeling.

Some stats of that interview are – close to 15 retweet’s and 74 views on the You Tube. I just couldn’t believe my self that the video had 74 views in just 2 days.

One of the cool things that happened because of this interview is that – i have been contacted by another company asking me if they can offer some interview content for my site.  No kidding here. I was blown away when i saw the email. The person was asking me if i can interview their Evangelist’s and CTO. Also they felt that being a first timer i was a very proficient interviewer. I just couldn’t believe how web works Smile. So i am gonna take up this as an assignment and start preparing for that. I need to still learn a lot of tricks in the bag to start doing remote interviews. What i did with Stephen was a face to face. But i would have to soon start gearing myself for doing the remote ones too. Expecting my friends in the circle will definitely help me out.

I have decided to make the wordings “Uncut & Unedited” my copyright and my interviews, from now onwards, will be called as “Uncut & Unedited”. Not sure how the words uncut and unedited came to my mind when i posted my first interview. But now it feels like a brand to me, decided to go with that.

So keep tuning in. Hope to get more and more interviews and try to ask some sensible questions all under 10 minutes. Do leave me comments and any suggestions if you may have.

Till next time, as always – Happy coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience. 

  • manas

    Wow nice beginning…Keep going. We expect more and some more…