Anybody working on Microsoft Technology platform there is no ultimate award other than being inferred the coveted title popularly known as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.


This year the south asia MVP community had arranged a awareness webcast hosted by our own Abhishek Kant on Jan 13. Here is the article which spoke about the webcast –

Fancy being an MVP? Let’s tell you how


On Jan 13 I tuned into the live meeting as I myself was not having the complete picture on MVP and how the award is inferred. With being a twitter addict myself I was live tweetin the event. The official hash tag for webcast was #mvpbuzzin. Here I try to recollect the tweets from my live tweeting for the webcast. Hope this will be useful for some of you.

Did You Know that – you can nominate yourself for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional MVP award #mvpbuzzin

#mvpbuzzin "What makes a reputation" – 62% familiarity/earlier work experience with an individual

#mvpbuzzin "What makes a reputation" – 61% certifications

#mvpbuzzin "What makes a reputation" – 57% Educational qualifications, 57% years of exp, 54% active speaker in various events, 52% referral

#mvpbuzzin "What makes a reputation" – 50% high activity level in forums and blogs, 42% no of books or articles authored, 37% others

#mvpbuzzin prgms/activities impacting technology practice-webcasts-3.5,comm code samples-3.5,conf-3.4,MS forums-3.4,UG events-3.2,blogs-3

#mvpbuzzin you need to be aware of User Groups for your technology in your city. For Bangaloreans – and

#mvpbuzzin way to good reputation-is through community… so folks start indulging in the community not for getting MVP but to get recognzd.

#mvpbuzzin – MVP Equation – Exceptional Technologists + Community Leader = MVP – simple as that by @abhishekkant :)

#mvpbuzzin MVPs in India – combined product group = 150+ in number

#mvpbuzzin products you can be MVP in- Windws/Office users Developers Designers Gamers Web Designers N/W Professional

#mvpbuzzin MVP award program is for people working on Microsoft Technologies

#mvpbuzzin – MVP Tech Benefits – MS Products (Rel/Beta), Sessions with products teams

#mvpbuzzin – MVP Relationship Benefits – Pvt Forums, MVP Lead, Events

#mvpbuzzin question – to be an MVP – do we need to have certifications. Answer – not necessarily. certification are personal goals :)

#mvpbuzzin the MVP awareness live meeting is a recorded session and recording will be made available in later date

#mvpbuzzin – question – is there a age limit for the MVP award. Only lower limit and thats minimum of 18 years to be awarded an MVP

#mvpbuzzin – MVP award – is an award and not a certification so there is no exam to become a MVP

#mvpbuzzin – nomination process

#mvpbuzzin MVPs, MS Employees, Community Leaders – can nominate a person for MVP award. As an individual you can do a self nomination

#mvpbuzzin – once nomination is done – MVP lead prepares nomination for his region. MVP lead is your advocate πŸ˜€

#mvpbuzzin – once MVP lead finished the nominations – it then goes to the product team and the team vets for a candidate

#mvpbuzzin – every quarter the MVP award are announced and the duration is for 1 year.

#mvpbuzzin – Technology Criteria for MVP award – sharp focus on one technology, solution provider, Product life cycle.

#mvpbuzzin Community criteria for MVP Award – demonstrable contribution, not comm participant but comm leader, follows comm rules of conduct

#mvpbuzzin comm rules of conduct –

#mvpbuzzin – who is a comm leader – one who would have given 10 to 12 sessions in a year to a sizable audience

#mvpbuzzin – going over Myths of MVP award

#mvpbuzzin – Myth 1 – what exam to take for MVP award ? – none

#mvpbuzzin – Myth 2 – Just started in comm. can i get MVP award. no you need to be a comm leader

#mvpbuzzin – Myth 3 – i can only be nominated by an MVP for MVP award – no – you can do self nomination also

#mvpbuzzin – Myth 4 – i need to knw someone in MS to be get an MVP award – not true – you can do self nomination


Also, you can have a look at the following article my good friend Vijay a.k.a MsiGeek. Here is the article:

How to become a Microsoft MVP – Most Valuable Professional?

A very nice detailed article on how to go about achieving the MVP status. I recommend you to read it once.

As always, till next time – Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience Smile

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