Bangalore Community TechEd 2011 which was to be held on Jan 22 and Jan 23 had been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The city of Bangalore developed a political situation in which the state ruling party has declared a city wide bandh (check this wikipedia article on what Bandh means here in India –

Because of the bandh the public transportation has been hit badly. The police have warned people not to step on the roads. Its unfortunate that we folks at BDotNet have to invariably postpone this event for now.  It’s  a waste of many things which went into to making this event a reality – the organizing committee spent unaccountable time for getting the sponsors, venue, logistics etc. Not to mention all the hard work that have been going into preparing for the sessions by the speakers – 21 speakers including 2 international speakers in the line up.

Although this is a small set back we as a UG will be back with event in couple of weeks time. We will be taking a decision on what’s the next available date for the event. Keep watching this space for more details on this.

Till then, as always – Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode(debug) with patience.

(p.s. I would like to thank Shrinidhi Hande for the wordings Decode (debug) with patience. With his permission I will be using along with my tag line Happy Coding, Code with passion)