Its has been close to a month now that CTD Mysore happened – yes it was on Nov 14 2010 that the event took place. I was one of the speakers for CTD Mysore event. Wanted to write this post once the event finished but being a lazy me it took so much time to just pen it down. Well if you still there then follow along.

The Community Tech Days event is a Microsoft sponsored event. Being a Mysorean i thought i will be present at my home town a day before and that i wouldn’t need a ride. But something came up and i couldn’t be there a day before. So i had to ask for the ride at the last moment. Thanks to Dr. Pavanaja and the logistics team to get me a berth. So on Nov 14 my pick up point was Maiyaas hotel Jayanagar@ 5:30 AM. Believe it or not the cab was on dot at my pick up point. My fellow speakers Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Mr. Pooran Prasad and Mr. Renuka Prasad were the other passengers. I thought it would be a a techy travel to Mysore. And so it was – we ranted Technical like anything starting from 5:30AM till 9:30AM – the time we reached Mysore. Thanks to these fellows for making the journey so tech-pleasant Smile.

This time the topic i was to present was “WCF Data Services – Overview”. My session was at 4. I had an hour to put my case. And so did i. I was happy to see people follow along the flow of my presentations and demos. I had around 20 slides in my deck and around 4 demos. I had carried a BSNL data card and must say that in Mysore it worked great and did not fail me although the speed sucks big time. So it was great session and a great experience to be part of Community Tech Days. Hoping to present in many more Community Tech Days.

I have few people to give credits and say thank you for their inspiration/materials on the subject of  WCF Data Services/oData. So here it goes:

Scott Hanselman – His talk about oData @ Arizona User Group is by far one of the best i have seen. Thanks to Scot for letting me use his slides and get inspired by his speech. So i have used some of his examples in my demos and slides. Thanks Scot. You are a true inspiration in all your talks.

Mike Taulty – Mike works in the Developer and Platform Group at MS UK. When i was hunting for WCF Data Service materials in any format, i came across Mike’s slide decks he had done way back in 2008 for DevDays. Thanks to Mike for letting me use his slide decks.

Dhananjay Kumar – Dhananjay is a Microsoft MVP on Connected System and Senior System Engineer at Infosys Technologies. His session on WCF Data Service in CTD Ahmedabad also gave me some insights into what to present. Thanks Dhananjay.

Laurent Bugnion – Thanks to Laurent for his excellent slide deck design. I was so impressed with his slide decks from Mix 10 that i just couldn’t resist using it. Thanks to you too Laurent.

Here is the slide deck. Download and use it if you are in need of the material. But make sure that you give me due credit for using this. That’s all i ask for :)

Here is the link to my demo download:

Exposing POCO classes through WCF Data Services

Exposing Entity Framework Classes through WCG Data Services

Accessing WCF Data Service from WPF Client

Accessing WCF Data Service from JQUERY client

Accessing WCF Data Service from Console client 

Here is the photo gallery for the Community Tech Days Mysore Nov 14 hosted at MysoreGeeks. com.

As i always say – Till next time, Happy coding and code with passion

PS : I will be writing a follow up post to this one describing the demos and how to set up the same. Please wait till the next post Smile

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