On Saturday, October 9 2010 – Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India is going to witness one of the great technical events. Especially i have been yearning to be in this event. Well wondering what it is. Here it goes. BDOTNET – Bangalore Dot Net User Group is conducting what we call as DevCon 2010 i.e. Developer Conference 2010. Yes the much awaited event for some of us is finally up on the cards. Venue is decided, Speaker list is decided, Agenda is decided and more over we have our sponsors for the event too. Yayyy i say.

Following is a flyer that i did out of my own curiosity. This will get you a glimpse of the technology that is going to be presented and our sponsors for the event:    DevCon2010Flyer

Following is the schedule/agenda for the day:


Here is some of the session insights:

Windows Azure AppFabric: This will be delivered by Manoj K Sharma who is a corporate trainer. I haven’t attended any of his previous talks. So i will be sitting for the first and time. He is going to be delivering some interesting topic. Here is the official documentation for what is a “AppFabric” –

Windows Azure platform AppFabric helps developers connect applications and services in the cloud or on-premises. This includes applications running on Windows Azure, Windows Server and a number of other platforms including Java, Ruby, PHP and others. It provides a Service Bus for connectivity across network and organizational boundaries, and Access Control for federated authorization as a service.

Everybody is on the cloud nowadays. So get yourselves geared for the new paradigm that’s starting to emerge. Know more about the cloud : ).

WPF 4 and Silverlight 4: This session will be delivered Chaitra Nagaraj. She is a Microsoft MVP in the area of Web Application Development. I started to attend BDOTNET sessions way back in 2004-2005. And she is a regular speaker in the UG sessions. She has always concentrated on the client application development be it ASP.NET, WPF etc. Anything new on this areas she will be there to give a session. This time she will be speaking on 2 hot things – WPF 4 and Silverlight 4. Some cool new stuffs in both of these technologies. So be there to get updated yourselves within just 1 hour.

Windows Phone 7: This session will be delivered Vic Parmar. He is a Microsoft MVP. I have been personally envying him because he has one of the coolest gadgets on his hand – a Windows Phone 7 – handset. This is currently available to only a few people within in India. So be there to see some interesting thing on Windows Phone 7. The much awaited phone from everybody – i am excited to see what Vic is up to this time. Don’t miss this session.  

Tips n Tricks: We have a 45 minutes slot in between the session where we tried to encourage people to come forward and give a 10 minute presentation/demo. This is actually open for the public. If you think you have an interesting tip or tricks or you have an interesting demo to do just catch hold of any of us i.e. the BDOTNET organizing committee. We will be able to help you out with your slots. We currently have 3 slots filled out.

– VS2010 IDE Tips n Tricks by Wriju Ghosh, Microsoft

– Indic and Windows 7 by Dr. Pavanaja – don’t miss this as you will see a whole new thing about how Indian language support is available within Windows 7.

– Building Websites with WebMatrix by Me – yes i will be on stage for a 1- minute demo on how to build a website within 10 minutes which is a fully functional and has all aspects of a website using the recently released WebMatrix. Beta 2 was released just yesterday. My laptop is up to date to the Beta 2 now.

SysInternals Tools: This session is delivered by good friend Vijay Raj. He is a Microsoft MVP in the area of Application Setup/Deployment. Some cool stuff he is gonna show on the lines of system internals. Catch this session if you want to know more about how to tweak you system and change some stuff around. Vijay blogs at www.msigeek.com and tweets as @msigeek. (Hope he wont mind me putting out his social handles here : ) ).

Intellitrace: This session is delivered by Phani of  Brainscale/Pluralsight. This is one of coolest addition in VS.NET 2010. If you are working on 2010 and you haven’t heard of Intellitrace then check out this session. Intellitrace opens up a whole new world in debugging code. So don’t miss this one if you are a developer.

Migration Strategies: This session is delivered by Kaliyan of  Dell. He is also a Microsoft MVP. He will be speaking about the migration strategies for moving from Windows XP to Windows 7. This is session is for all IT admin people. This will give you insight into how you have to strategize your migrations within your organization. So you will surely get some idea from this session.

Robotics – TINA: This session is delivered by Ram Prasanna. He is from Microsoft India. One of the much awaited session for me. He is known as the Robotics guru as far as i know. So he is gonna show a cool new robot i believe that named as TINA. I am super excited to be watching him live. I have seen his Buddy Home project/concept which was showcased during TechED 2010 in Bangalore. This time i get to watch him live on stage. This is one session i encourage everybody to attend and not to miss this.

Now coming to the sponsors of the event – this time we have the gracious helping hand of Microsoft, Aditi, INETA and Pluralsight. Pluralsight has come out with a fantastic offer for all of those who attend the event. They are giving out FREE 1-month Standard subscription to Pluralsight On-Demand!. This will give access to all Pluralsight courses for 1 month. That’s not it 3 Winners will get 1 year subscription which is worth US$1499. Wow i say. Wishing if i could win this. I am gonna try hard. I too don’t know if this is going to be a raffle draw or something else. But do be there to grab this opportunity.

For more information on the DevCon 2010 event details do visit the following site:


It has all the information like, Venue, Agenda and Registration link.

Please note that if you are planning to attend you need to register and carry a printed copy of the registration. This is to insure that we manage the food and other consumables and avoid wastage.

It will be a super Saturday for me. Hope you will there. Catch me if you wanna have a quick chat with me. So see you there at 9 AM.

Till next time, Happy coding. Code with passion.

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