I had to post this sooner than this date but was caught up with the day job. When i heard the news i just couldn’t believe it myself. Wondering what i am blabbing about well read on.

There are couple of blogs i follow regularly in the .NET world. One such blog is from a person named Mr. Vijay Raj. His blog site is known as www.msigeek.com. Quoting from his own website – here is what he says about himself – “Vijay is a passionate Technology Evangelist and a Microsoft MVP in Application Setup / Deployment”. Yup his blog www.msigeek.com is all about stuff on setup and deployment. I must say that he has carved his own niche world out there in the blogging arena. His site is filled with Tons of information on the said topic.

Microsoft, celebrating the launch of VS.NET 2010 and .NET F/W 4.0 was giving away “Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN activation cards”. Vijay had 3 of those activation cards to giveaway – thanks to his MVP status – i believe every MVP has this licenses to give away (don’t count me on this – i am just guessing here). Listed price of VS.NET 2010 Ultimate is $11,899. Yup its 11 grands to own this baby Smile.

On the blog arena, if i am right, www.msigeek.com was the first site and Vijay was the first person to start this give away. After this i have seen couple of other sites/people who have started the giveaways.

So what was the contest all about. All we had to do was to answer the following 3 simple questions. Here is the link to the article “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscription – Giveaway Contest”. A panel of 3 judges including Vijay would then go through the entries and pick the best 3. So the questions we had to answer was:

  • What specific feature do you want to use in the ultimate edition of VS.NET 2010?
  • If you win this software, what would be the dream application you want to develop using VS.NET 2010 Ultimate?
  • Are you a subscriber of msigeek.com blog? If no what is stopping you ? Do explain?

One fine day i decided to get into this contest because i wanted the product badly. Lately i have started doing some community stuff and although the express edition does support most of the scenario there is nothing like having the ultimate power. And also the best part of this contest was – the first 2 questions were questions which could be answered by ones experience. For question no 1 i just penned down my thoughts that i gathered keeping in my my decade in the industry and what VS.NET 2010 has to offer. From my perspective the Intellitrace and the utilities we have for architects are the killer. (Vijay may be writing a blog post which will have all the winners answers. Not sure on this. will try to get my answers and try to update this post.) For question no 2 – i have a application in mind which i am currently building using Web Matrix Beta. So this help me to convert that app to ASP.NET MVC. I am saving the info for another blog post of mine. As you can see the 2 questions really needed a answer from one own experience and that might win you the booty. And so did i post the answers too.

I was eagerly waiting for the result. And so did the results announced and what a way to be notified. You wont believe this but Vijay contacted me with a tweet of his – a direct message. I was in a meeting and thanks to Nokia 5235 + Airtel Live + SnapTu – i was able to get it right at that moment. Technology i say Smile.

Here is the link to official results page : “Giveaway Contest Winners – Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN”    

Yooohoooo – i won $11,899 worth of a product. Believe me when i say the feeling of winning is simply ecstatic. This is my first ever win in any sort of competition online.

Thanks to Vijay and his site www.msigeek.com i am now a proud owner of VS.NET 2010 Ultimate with 1 year subscription to MSDN.

And last but not the least – all of you who read this – do visit www.msigeek.com. An excellent source for setup and deployment related articles.

As i say always – till next time Happy Coding. Code with passion.

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